Black elderberry

Black elderberry

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Important to know:
  • Black elderberry has been considered a beneficial herb in Europe for centuries.
  • Nutritional supplements based on black elderberry may help alleviate cold symptoms.
  • Black elderberry has a variety of uses including cakes (made from its fruit) and musical instruments (made from its stems and branches).
What is black elderberry
Wellness benefits of black elderberry
What can black elderberry help us with?

What is black elderberry

The black elderberry is a small tree that can reach 5 to 6 meters high, and that sheds its foliage in the fall. Since it has no clear stem but many branches, it resembles a bush. It grows mainly in the cold climate regions of Europe.


In Israel, the black elderberry grows naturally only on Mount Hermon and the Golan Heights, because of the climate of those areas.


Black elderberry fruit and leaves have been prized for centuries for their beneficial properties. Additionally, its delicious fruit is used in jams, pies, tea infusions, wine and liquors. It is not eaten raw, as some elderberry varieties are slightly toxic.


Europeans also use elderberry to make musical instruments. In Greece, its trunk is used to make an instrument called a sambuka, and in the Czech Republic, its branches are used for making traditional flutes.


Wellness benefits of black elderberry

People in northern and central Europe discovered and began to study black elderberry’s health benefits a few centuries ago. Some claim that it was used more than a thousand years ago. In the last century, black elderberry has become one of the most popular dietary supplement ingredients as scientific studies have verified many of its properties.


What can black elderberry help us with?

This plant supports healthy mucous membranes within the respiratory system, and may help manage cold symptoms such as coughs. This explains its wintertime popularity.


Black elderberry can be consumed as a tincture (dissolved in alcohol), as specific dietary supplements (as a capsule, powder or as a beehive product) and even as a tea infusion.


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