Back-to-school sleep and energy tips

Back-to-school sleep and energy tips

Back-to-school sleep and energy tips

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Important to know:
  • As kids head back to school, add EnergyMEL and RelaxMEL to their routines to support energy all day long and a good night’s sleep each night. 
  • Our bees thrive on superfoods, made from beneficial botanicals and delivered right to their hives.  
  • MELs are non-GMO and do not contain anything artificial. 
Back-to-school sleep and energy tips

How can parents make sure kids have enough energy to get through their day, performing at their very best? Then, how can parents help kids relax so they get a good night’s sleep, which feeds their energy?


After his TV interview on Cincinnati’s Fox19, board certified nutritionist Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., CNS had much more to say on this topic. So he recorded his advice on this video. He also explained why kids and parents will benefit from adding EnergyMEL and RelaxMEL to their routines. 


More energy and better sleep start with whole foods 


Bowden explains that stress, busyness and a poor diet can interfere with a good night’s rest. “The solution is not to take something for sleep, but rather eliminate the things that are interfering with your sleep,” he advises. 


He says the same is true for energy. “If we’re dragging all the time, something is interfering with the natural expression of energy. I always believe it starts with food.” He recommends feeding whole foods to children. “I don’t like supplements for sleep or energy because they generally just mask the problem. They don’t eliminate the things that are  preventing you from sleeping deeply, or are preventing you from having a lot of energy for the entire time you’re awake.”  


He is, however, a big fan of giving kids fish oil, magnesium, a multivitamin and vitamin D. “Those are the basics. Everyone should take those.” 


Bowden then describes why he thinks of MEL honey supplements as whole foods, and why EnergyMEL and RelaxMEL are good for children. 


We’re making superfoods for bees 


Bowden gets excited talking about how the extracts (which he calls superfoods) fed to our bees are made from botanicals known for their health benefits. “For example, hops. You know it as something used to make beer … but it’s also an incredibly relaxing and wonderful herb. It’s the same with groats, hibiscus and sage. All these things have medicinal properties. 


“But how do you get the bees to eat them?” He describes the high-tech process we’ve developed to extract the most important medicinal elements from these botanicals and blend them into extracts which we bring to the bees. “So, it’s a fast-food for the bees. It’s delivered right to the hive. And the bees eat it up!”  


What they produce is a “high-tech delivery system” for “wonderful, medicinal honeys.” 


Kids love honey and they’ll love MELs 


Bowden confirms that kids love MELs because they are a form of honey. He comments that RelaxMEL is made with botanicals that affect anxiety, relaxation and insomnia. And EnergyMEL is made with botanicals that pertain to energy, vitality and improved focus. 


“I feel very confident in recommending this to parents for kids,” he adds. “There’s nothing GMO in it. There are no artificial chemicals or colors. And because you take just a small amount of it, it isn’t going to do much to your blood sugar.” You can’t go wrong with giving these wonderful non-infused honeys to your kids.


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