Zuf Globus HCP MAP Policy

Zuf Globus, Ltd. is dedicated to providing healthy beehive products with scientifically validated, targeted health benefits. We have been developing, manufacturing and marketing nutritional supplements made from beehive products for more than 20 years.

It is important that our image is perceived by healthcare practitioners and consumers as one of wholesomeness, integrity and superior quality. To protect the image of our brand and reputation of our quality products, we have developed a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy for all Zuf Globus, Ltd. products. The MAP Policy establishes a minimum price below manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Pricing (SRP). The SRP and MAP will be determined by Zuf Globus, Ltd. and may be changed from time-to-time at Zuf Globus, Ltd.’s sole and exclusive discretion. Any changes in our SRP will be communicated to our partners by email with thirty (30) days notice . This policy applies to all advertising of prices, including but not limited to store flyers, newspapers, signage, billboards, catalogs, mailings, other print, internet and electronic media.

If we become aware of any advertising in which a partner, retailer or distributor directly or indirectly advertises any Zuf Globus, Ltd. product at a price lower than the MAP, we will have the right to defer shipment of unfilled orders, cancel unfilled orders, refuse reorders, and limit the use of our product names, trademarks, marketing materials, and other intellectual property, including images of our products. Any advertising of prices below SRP shall not last longer than 30 consecutive days. Zuf Globus, Ltd. alone will decide whether advertising directly or indirectly advertises Zuf Globus, Ltd. products at less than the MAP. This includes pricing advertised on a web page and in the shopping cart viewable by the public as well as any other advertising statements that imply or suggest a price is available below the Zuf Globus, Ltd. MAP.

Zuf Globus, Ltd. partners, retailers or distributors will not sell, market or distribute products to any 3rd party marketplace such as Amazon.com, Amazon Marketplace or any Amazon-affiliated online store. To ensure compliance with the MAP Policy, Zuf Globus, Ltd. partners, retailers and distributors are requested to disclose the name of any and all online retail sites, if different from their current store, practice or website by the same name, where Zuf Globus, Ltd. products are being marketed, advertised or sold. Zuf Globus, Ltd. may choose to offer time-limited product specials that include advertising in excess of the allotted MAP discount threshold. Zuf Globus, Ltd. reserves the right to sell Zuf Globus, Ltd. products below MAP Pricing for product promotions and brand awareness. Failure to comply with the foregoing may result in cancellation and termination of your Partner's Agreement with Zuf Globus, Ltd.


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