How is BronchoMEL made?

How is BronchoMEL made?

How is BronchoMEL made?

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Important to know:
  • To make BronchoMEL Herbal Honey Supplement Syrup, our honey bees are fed a special extract made with botanicals that support respiratory and immune health such as elderberry and eucalyptus.  
  • The nutrients in BronchoMEL Herbal Honey Supplement Syrup are easily absorbed by the body.
  • Our honey bees do all the work. They consume the extracts and make the honey.  
  • BronchoMEL is easy to take. Just place one teaspoon in your mouth and let it dissolve slowly. Do this twice daily. 
How is BronchoMEL made?

You winterize your car and home. How about winterizing your body? During cold and cough season, it’s wise to stock up on foods that support respiratory and immune health. For example, you may want bay leaves to season homemade chicken soup and perhaps soothing camomile tea. 


Now, you may also want to have BronchoMEL Herbal Honey Supplement Syrup on hand. It’s an effective way for your body to absorb the combined benefits of several botanicals that are popular this time of year, such as elderberry and eucalyptus.   


Our honeybees feast on trusted respiratory and immune health ingredients  


Many plants, particularly herbs, have been used for centuries for their proven beneficial properties. But it’s often the leaves and fruit that contain the most active ingredients. Honey bees can’t feed on those! 


Or, can they? 


Yes! We figured out a way to make this happen. 


First, we carefully selected the right plants for respiratory and immune health. One of our best resources is The World Health Organization Pharmacopoeia, an official listing of all herbs, including their proven beneficial properties and their uses in natural and folk medicine. 


Next, we create an extract from these plants to feed to our honey bees. For BronchoMEL, this extract includes a blend of familiar leaves, flowers and fruits: 


Then, we let nature take its course

As our honey bees process this unique blend, they significantly increase the potency of each ingredient. They even create new active beneficial compounds that didn’t exist in the original herbs. 


When it’s ready, our beekeepers use time-honored traditional methods to harvest this very special honey. It has the consistency of traditional honey. 


This new form of nutritional supplement is prepared to ship to you! 

Our state-of-the-art factory meets all of the highest and most stringent quality standards for nutritional supplements. Except for filtering and packing, BronchoMEL is untouched by human hands. 


The finished BronchoMEL Herbal Honey Supplement Syrup is now ready for shipping. 


How to take BronchoMEL 

Our herbal honey supplement syrups are easily absorbed by the body and so easy to take! Just place one teaspoon in your mouth and let it dissolve slowly. 


To get the maximum benefit, take BronchoMEL twice per day: once in the morning before eating and again before your evening meal. Do not add it to tea or consume it with food. Also, it’s not recommended for children under the age of 2, people diagnosed with diabetes or those who are allergic to honey and hive products. We recommend consulting a doctor before use. 


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