Top facts to know about MEL honey supplements

Top facts to know about MEL honey supplements

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Important to know:
  • MEL honey supplements are made by feeding bees special diets of plants known for their wellness benefits. As our bees process the nutrient, the beneficial properties are strengthened and easier for the human body to absorb.
  • Our researchers have carefully formulated each extract fed to the bees to target a specific health benefit.
  • One spoonful of regular honey contains about 120 active ingredients. One spoonful of Zuf Globus non-infused herbal honey contains thousands of active ingredients.
  • MEL honey supplements have been in use for 20 years and are backed by clinical trials.

All honeys have wellness benefits, but MEL honey supplement syrups have advantages that go beyond regular honey. MELs make nature’s benefits even sweeter by supporting well-being that ranges from immune and respiratory support to digestive and reproductive health. Our MEL honey supplements have been in use for more than 20 years and LifeMEL is backed by clinical trials


Our bees are fed specific diets


Our bees are fed specific extracts created from plants known for their wellness properties, as defined in the World Health Organization Pharmacopeia. Each MEL honey supplement product is created with specific herbs to target different wellness functions. 


Some of the many medicinal botanicals include blueberries, marjoram, passion fruit, sage, mulberry, eucalyptus and elderberry. We use the medically proven beneficial parts of these plants as defined in the World Health Organization Pharmacopeia, including mixtures of roots, stems, bark, flowers, fruits, and leaves. In nature, bees consume only nectar and pollen from flowers.


When our bees process their special diets, the substances already present in the botanicals are strengthened and new substances are formed during the natural honey-making process. Each ingredient fed to our bees is significantly more potent after this process and easier for the human body to absorb. 


Once our honey is collected, it is shipped to independent laboratories to ensure it meets our high quality standards and is free of contamination. 


How to use MEL honey supplements 


MEL honey supplements should be enjoyed twice a day for maximum benefits, before your morning and evening meals. Do not add to tea or consume them with food. Except GastroMel which should be swallowed, just place one teaspoon in your mouth and let it dissolve slowly. 


You can find a complete list of MEL honey supplement products, their targeted wellness functions, the herbs used to prepare the bee food and how long it may take to feel improvements here

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